CREEPER - Sex, Death & The Infinite Void | Album Review

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My review of the eagerly anticipated sophomore album "Sex, Death & The Infinite Void" by the UK based punk/alternative rock band Creeper. After the amazing "Eternity In Your Arms", was this the comeback from the grave we all needed?

"Sex, Death & The Infinite Void"
Roadrunner Records UK
Release: 7/31/20
Rating: 3.5/5

►Favorite tracks: Born Cold, Black Moon, Cyanide, Annabelle, All My Friends

►Least faves: All of the interludes, Paradise, Four Years Ago, Thorns of Love

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►Opening riff "Swimming Pools" covered by Rob Scallon:

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Creeper - Sex, Death, & The Infinite Void - Album Tracklist

1. Hallelujah!
2. Be My End
3. Born Cold
4. Cyanide
5. Celestial Violence
6. Annabelle
7. Paradise
8. Poisoned Heart
9. Thorns of Love
10. Four Years Ago
11. Holy War
12. Napalm Girls
13. The Crown of Life
14. Black Moon
15. All My Friends
16. More Careful With Your Heart
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