You Came To Me - Lewin Barringer #MusicMonday

Squeezing many songs into one this week.
Where did you come from
How did you know
All of my secrets
That’ I won’t show

How did you did it
What was the trick
How did you make
That landing just stick

Who was the squealer
Who was the rat
Why won’t you tell me
I’ll put down the bat

I just want an answer
I just need to know
Where did you come from
And where will I go

You came to me
You came to me

What was your game plan
What was your move
How were you hoping
For things to improve

Bobbing and weaving
Through stories I’ve heard
Counting my blessings
Now seems absurd

I thought this was over
I thought I had learned
Digging through wreckage
It’s all black & burned

I don’t really get it
What’s happening here
I’ll stick to my guns
And wait for the clear

You came to me
You came to me

#Garageband #Garabandandbeyond #MusicMonday
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