On The Pulse #29: No Pressure For Miles (Logic, Neon Trees, Neck Deep, Blu & Exile) - Album Review

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For this episode of On The Pulse, we get solid (if not better) country/folk from Taylor Swift, Lori McKenna and Courtney Marie Andrews, good but frustrating send-offs from Logic and Blu & Exile, forgettable disappointments from Neck Deep and The Naked And Famous, and a big welcome comeback from Neon Trees!

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Intro - 0:00

Taylor Swift - folklore - Album Review - watch/10 (indie folk / singer-songwriter / indie pop) - 0:31
Best: ‘the last great american dynasty’, ‘exile’ ft Bon Iver, ‘august’, ‘this is me trying’, ‘illicit affairs’, ‘mad woman’
Worst: ‘invisible string’

Blu & Exile - Miles - Album Review - watch/10 (hip-hop) - 1:27
Best: ‘Miles Davis’, ‘The Feeling’, ‘You Ain’t Never Been Blue’, ‘Miles Away’, ‘Requiem Of Blue’, ‘The American Dream’, ‘All The Blues’
Worst: ‘Dear Lord’

Neck Deep - All Distortions Are Intentional - Album Review - watch/10 (pop punk) - 5:09
Best: ‘Telling Stories’, ‘What Took You So Long’, ‘When You Know’
Worst: ‘Sick Joke’

Courtney Marie Andrews - Old Flowers - Album Review - watch/10 (country / folk /singer-songwriter) - 7:35
Best: ‘Guilty’, ‘How You Get Hurt’, ‘Together Or Alone’, ‘It Must Be Someone Else’s Fault’, ‘Old Flowers’
Worst: ‘Carnival Dream’

The Naked And Famous - Recover - Album Review - watch/10 (indie pop) - 10:54
Best: ‘Everybody Knows’, ‘Recover’, ‘The Sound Of My Voice’
Worst: ‘Count On You’

Neon Trees - I Can Feel You Forgetting Me - Album Review - watch/10 (pop rock) - 13:31
Best: ‘Nights’, ‘Used To Like’, ‘Holy Ghost’, ‘Going Through Something’, ‘Skeleton Boy’, ‘Mess Me Up’
Worst: ‘When The Night Is Over’

Lori McKenna - The Balladeer - Album Review - watch/10 (country / folk / singer-songwriter) - 16:36
Best: ‘This Town Is a Woman’, ‘The Balladeer’, ‘The Dream’, ‘When You’re My Age’, ‘Two Birds’, ‘Till You’re Grown’
Worst: ‘Good Fight’

Logic - No Pressure - Album Review - watch/10 (hip-hop) - 20:23
Best: ‘Obediently Yours’, ‘Celebration’, ‘Soul Food II’, ‘Dark Place’
Worst: ‘Perfect’

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