Zoe's Shanghai Live From Mint Bar, Barcelona | Oct. 17, 2020 | #stayhomewithPFC

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Zoe’s Shanghai is a band moving & dancing forward with a common voice they redefine over & over again, always together. The sum of its parts - Zoé (vocal & guitar), Landy (drums), Emerik (piano), Alex (bass) - fit organically together and Zoé’s Shanghai is no more, no less, than the exciting sum of its individualities, as rich as its influences and intricate origin story.

As her dad's music tapes soundtracked Zoé’s childhood, music quickly became a prerequisite to life. Hopping around cities while growing up, a wide range of experiences shaped Zoé's early adult life : piano in Paris, bongo in Cuba, to Nirvana infused teenager guitar, on the path to polish her innate sense of rhythm and voice.

Shaping her own method to compose, Zoé installed a sort of dialogue with herself - defining how to chisel her thoughts & writing about recurring themes obsessing her : memories, constructions, dreams, death, reality and its ambiguity.

Special thanks to the Mint Bar: @mintbarbcn (Facebook and Instagram)

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