Only if I Want to Do It - Lewin Barringer #MusicMonday

Everybody always trying to push me around
Everybody’s trying to impress me now
Everybody’s got a little something to say
Everybody’s got a thing they’re trying to sell me that way

Everybody’s always trying to convince me
That they have a better way that I need to see
And for them I turn around and I simply say
Only if I want to do it

You can’t make me
You can try to
It will not work
No sir
You can’t make me
You can try to
I will do it
Only if I want to do it

I’ll never understand why I just can’t be
The person that I am was born to be free
I’ve made it through the thick now I’m stuck in the weeds
Hand me the mic to prove that I still lead

I’m looking at the stars and pondering life
Marching to a beat that feels just right
Then somebody tells me what they want me to do
I look him and say


You only get one chance at living life
So I will choose to choose to get it right
Only if I want to do it

If we all get though it we can be done
Looking for a saint with a smoking gun
Digging through the shit used to be more fun
Nipping at the heels to keep me on the run

Waiting for an answer that will never shine
Feel the icy fingers running down my spine
I’m good with sitting here wasting all my time

Only if I want to do it

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