Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Ghosteen - Album Review

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For my 1190th review, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds deliver another opus in contemplating grief and haunting, ethereal healing.

Best Songs: 'Bright Horses', 'Waiting For You', 'Night Raid', 'Sun Forest', 'Ghosteen Speaks', 'Galleon Ship', 'Ghosteen', 'Fireflies'
Worst Song: 'Hollywood'


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iTunes bio: The cover art for Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds’ 17th album couldn’t feel more removed from the man once known as a snarling, terrifying prince of poetic darkness. This heavenly forest with its vibrant flowers, rays of sun, and woodland creatures feels comically opposed to anything Cave has ever represented—but perhaps that’s the point. This pastel fairy tale sets the scene for Ghosteen, his most minimalist, supernatural work to date, in which he slips between realms of fantasy and reality as a means to accept life and death, his past and future.

In his very first post on The Red Hand Files—the website Cave uses to receive and respond to fan letters—he spoke of rebuilding his relationship with songwriting, which had been damaged while enduring the grief that followed his son Arthur’s death in 2015. He wrote, “I found with some practise the imagination could propel itself beyond the personal into a state of wonder. In doing so the colour came back to things with a renewed intensity and the world seemed clear and bright and new.” It is within that state of wonder that Ghosteen exists.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Ghosteen - Experimental Rock / Ambient / Singer-songwriter - Album Review

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