Jay-Z Sample Beat Tutorial in FL Studio 12 PT.1

If I Produced a Jay-Z Album is a sub series of the If I Produced for Series. This video series will focus on developing an artist sound for a WHOLE ALBUM and vision. I will show you how to sample in the style of Jay-Z. We were inspired by No I.D. and his production on the new Jay-Z 4:44 Album.



Who would know the Roc
Turn to a Empire
Me I'm look at this Poem
Like it's imspired
Blood pumpin till
it hits my gun
On my chrome
like a thin tire
ya ya

Lord over this throne
they despise
in the 4 speed
in the car its
a ghost
wit ten lives

approach mine
I'm killin yall cats
wit 9 lives
in the ghost wit ten lives
I told yall bout ten times

I came straight out the water
just IN TIME, so if
four of you, forge it
crossin' the enemy thin line
Ima mortar you side the
FL tutorial
I'm hot when I drop
like a f----in memorial

We all
BLACKED out in the back scene
lookin' like bad scenes
Hov got a black queen
Holding the mac Mean
Hov got the tac team
loaded wit magazines
this is HOvA

This the
Get Back
this the
Get Back
I done told ya dog
It's the get Back

Real Soldiers Dog
it's the get back

For ya Hit That
This the get back

It's to get back
It's to Get Back

Oh No fa show
It's to get back

Now I told Dog
It's to get back

Let me tell you some'in
It is the get back
Digital Music
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