Pokémon Diamond & Pearl: Canalave City Jazz Arrangement (feat. TeraCMusic)

If I could pick any place to live in the Sinnoh region, I think it'd be Canalave City. A quiet, beautiful portside town with a library and a drawbridge! Thanks so much to @TeraCMusic for playing violin on this!

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Excited to be sharing another re-arrangement with you all! This arrangement of Canalave City I put together a few years back is one of my favorite Diamond & Pearl arrangements before the Year of Sinnoh.

I kept this arrangement pretty simple, and faithful to the original arrangement I did. To me, Canalave City is a very simple and relaxing place, so I wanted to keep that emotion present in the arrangement! I can't remember the name of the record, but I heard a record a while back on a Spotify playlist featuring tenor sax and violin / viola playing a melody together in unison, and it just sounded so so cool.

I had the fortune to record a whole string ensemble (mostly) of Berklee players this past December! I've had a desire to do some Sinnoh songs that are a bit more orchestral in nature, so I decided to put together this group of string players and record some arrangements! They're taking a bit of a back seat role in the arrangement of this particular song, but you'll see them stand out quite a bit in covers that are coming up.

This cover is one of the first times I've made a substantial difference between the YouTube version of this track and the track that's going up on Spotify / other music distributors. I original had a 40-second-ish intro that introduced the song, but honestly, I felt like it just stretched out the song more than it needed to be, and took too long to get to the point. I decided to keep the intro as part of the mix for the Spotify version of this song (so check it out there if you'd like to hear the full thing), and uploaded this edited version here to YouTube! Both versions are available for download for my Patrons on Patreon! :)

Lastly, I thought I'd draw your attention to the snare drum I'm playing with brushes. One of my New Year's resolutions that I intend to keep was to make 2020 the year of live drums. As in, I want to avoid using sequenced drums wherever possible. I did use a couple of samples for a suspended cymbal roll and a big bass drum hit in this track, but everything else is live drums! This particular track has a really simple drum part, so I figured it'd be a good candidate to start with. Plus, jazz brushes are notoriously difficult to sequence well, so I figured that a live recording would sound best! Expect to see more live drum performances from me coming in the future!

Violin (Solo) - @TeraCMusic

Sinnoh Strings
Violin 1 - Brandon Jackson, Jody Miller, Luna Ramos, Andrea Brun
Violin 2 - Brian Urra, Lia Davies, Dori Holly, Claudia Lee Horna
Viola - Cecilia Vacanti, Cecelia Cook, Noah Leong
Cello - Aaron Sinclair Hauser, Zachary Foster, Amit Cachman
Double Bass - Luis Celis
Piano - Yoko Suzuki
Harp - Charles Overton

Recording Engineer - Joel Edinberg
Mixing & Mastering - Carlos Eiene
Lighting & Videography - Kevin Greene
Video Editing - Carlos Eiene

♫ "Canalave City" from "Pokémon Diamond & Pearl" composed by Go Ichinose

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