How to prepare for a Recording Studio Session at Dream Machine Recording & Co.

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How to prepare for your studio recording session

Hi Guys! Madeleine Harvey here with my friend Milher who is literally a sound engineer virtuoso at Dream Machine Recording and Company’s studio here in West Palm Beach Fl. Today, Milher and I are going to be talking about how you can get the most from a Studio recording session. These tips will help you set a productive tone for a successful session. That way you are coming into your recording experience centered, relaxed and ready to deliver. This video is organized into three parts: Preparation, execution, and delivery. So feel free to use the tips provided in this video as a sort of checklist for your upcoming session. Below is a list of quicklinks. Feel free to click these to review or jump-to any specific topic.

Part 1 Preparation:
0:00 Introduction. Let's talk about what you need to do to prepare for singing at your recording studio session.
0:53 What kind of research should a singer do before coming into the studio to record? Why is it important?
3:09 Do you ever need to modify the key of a song to better fit the singing?
6:26 How important is communicating emotion when you are singing?
10:02 Can you explain what harmonies are and why they are important?
14:22 Tell us about Dream Machine Recording & Co. With over 600 microphones in your studio, how do you go about selecting the right microphone for a singer's voice?
17:31 How do you recommend singers communicate the equipment that they need for the day of their shoot?
18:28 What's the best way to get their music to you before the day of the studio recording session? Email, flash drive, phone, etc...
19:50 Who should come with you on the day of your recording? Should I bring my mama?

Part 2 Execution:
21:12 It's the day of your recording. Let's talk about what you should eat. Milher's favorite is a fruit and vegetable smoothie. :)
22:43 Show up early and prepared. You're in charge.
23:26 What should you do to warm up your singing voice? Should I sing songs?
24:40 How to stay comfortable when you are recording at a studio. What should I communicate to the sound engineer? How important is the mix in a singers headphone monitors?
26:25 How do you get your singers comfortable and relaxed infront of the microphone?
27:22 Should the singer bring a vocal coach or producer with them? Why?

Part 3 Delivery:
30:44 Should you bring a blank flash drive with you on the day of your recording session? If you do take a copy of the recording day, be aware of thos who will listen to it. The rough draft of a song will not be the final produciton.
33:21 The artist has the final say in their song. Make sure that you take control and own your sound.
34:11 Wrap up and closing thoughts
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