Balistix vs ZVD / Semifinals - Midwest Beatbox Battle 2019

Balistix and ZVD went head to head in the Semifinal round of the Midwest Beatbox Battle 2019. The Midwest Beatbox Battle is organized by Lethal-FX of Shut Your Mouth and Beatbox. The event enters its 8th year and is one of the leading events, bringing members of the American Beatbox community together since 2012.
The Midwest Beatbox Battle 2019
Organized by Lethal FX
Video production by HUMAN BEATBOX / Kazu Iwai
Editing by Beatbox Television / Adam Andrew Corre
filmed by Kazu Iwai, Karl Olsson, Alex Janowski
Jury by Bloomer, Honeycomb, Rayul, BBK and Gene Shinozaki
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