I GOT IT WRONG: My First YouTube Review (10 Years of ARTV)

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Ten years ago on September 29th 2009, a lad named Jon started a channel originally called 'AlbumReviewTV'. Even though only the initials remain, the growth/development of the channel has been absolutely unbelievable.

This is my redemption review, or "I GOT IT WRONG" to correct the woefully bad (yet hilarious) original review I posted for the Three Days Grace album "Life Starts Now", which happens to be one of the albums that inspired me to start this channel. Thank you to everyone who has watched over the years, it means so much to me. Please share this video, and help this video get to 1000 likes!

"Life Starts Now"
Jive/RCA Records
Release: 9/20/2009
Rating: watch it's the 10th anniversary/10

►Favorite tracks: Bitter Taste, Last to Know, World So Cold, No More, Break, Life Starts Now

►Least faves: Bully, The Good Life

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