Mitski 'Be The Cowboy'/Natalia LaFourcade 'Musas 2'/Amanda Shires 'To The Sunset' - Album Reviews

In this set of long-overdue vacation reviews (1006th episode), I continue my UK vacation with a trio of women with critically acclaimed records pushing/expanding their sound.

Amanda Shires - To The Sunset - 6/10
Best: 'Charms', 'White Feather', 'Wasn't I Paying Attention'
Worst: 'Mirror, Mirror'

Natalia LaFourcade - Musas 2 - 7/10
Best: 'Te Sigo', 'Danza de Gardenias', 'Tus Ojitos', 'Derecho de Nacimiento', 'Eclipse'
Worst: 'Hoy Mi Dia Uno'

Mitski - Be The Cowboy - 7/10
Best: 'Geyser', ''Why Didn't You Stop Me', 'Lonesome Love', 'Pink In The Night', 'Two Slow Dancers'
Worst: 'Me And My Husband'



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Amanda Shires - To The Sunset - Alternative Country - Album Review
Natalia LaFourcade - Musas 2 - Latin Pop - Album Review
Mitski - Be The Cowboy - Indie Rock - Album Review

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