I GOT IT WRONG: 3OH!3 - Streets of Gold (2010)

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I GOT IT WRONG! My original 2010 review of 3OH!3’s third album “Streets of Gold” might just be the worst video I’ve ever uploaded, so exactly one decade later, it’s time to make my peace with my abhorrent past opinions :(

"Streets of Gold"
Photo Finnish / Atlantic Records
Release: 6/29/2010
2010 Rating: 93/100
2020 Rating: 0/5

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3OH!3 - Streets of Gold - Album Tracklist

I Can Do Anything
My First Kiss (feat. Kesha)
Déjà vu
We Are Young
Touchin On My
House Party
I Know How To Say
Double Vision
I'm Not The One
Street Of Gold
See You Go
Love 2012
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