It's Going Down Lewin Barringer #MusicMonday

It’s gettin’ real in here
I’m shifting into high gear
I’m drying no more sad tears
It’s going down’ baby

I feel her heat on my back
This fiction’s turning
to fact
She’s making me go insane
It’s going down’ baby

I’m never gonna to look back
To one who only attacks
She was only a drain
I was going down’ baby

My mind is stuck in the clouds
I’m working a whole new crowd
I’m here now pushing right through
It’s going down’ baby

Life moves on it own
Has it’s own road
That I try not to walk down
And time will only spill
On this new pill that I’ve swallowed and now have to follow around

I think what you do to me
Isn’t easy to see
Right now I feel alive
It’s going down’ baby

There’s magic up in the air
Floating ‘round in despair
Wait’s for someone to care
That it’s going down’ baby

They tell me I must be bold
And that I’m still not too old
That my hearts only cold
It’s warming up baby

It’s time work like a man
Try to stick to my plan
Cut the ropes from my hands
I’m stretching out baby

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