With Kindness - Sammy Vile, Lewin Barringer

The über talented Sammy Vile came in to write a #MusicMonday Song this week! Thank you Sammy!!

Now you know I love you all, on this spinning ball
all the souls in this galaxy, and in the peanut gallery
wherever i go there’s history I don’t know
But I’ll learn and I’ll decide if it works for me
If it don’t for you just let it be

Where you off to buddy, who’re you hunting down
who made you a know it all
what will you prove with that locomotive head
puffing steam, Blowing Smoke
can you cool it? you think you can?

Love your God and love your Land
And love your drug, and love your hand
And love your girl, cause she loves you
Love your man, he loves you too
And love the ones who hate your guts
Squeeze lemon on your paper cuts
So throw a bottle at my head
And I will murder you with kindness
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