Autechre - Odds & Ends (EPs and Some Single Reviews)

This was just as exhausting as you'd expect, but if there's any one artist or band that most needs an Odds & Ends video, it's Autechre. Time to talk about the EPs.
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Covered in this video:
Lego Feet (s/t, aka Ska001CD), Cavity Job, Anti, Garbage, Anvil Vapre, We R Are Why / Are Y Are We?, Envane, Cichlisuite, Peel Session, EP7, Peel Session 2, Gantz Graf, Quaristice (Versions),, Move of Ten, L-event, JNSN CODE GL16 / spl47

All ratings based purely off of personal enjoyment at the time of this video's upload and either end in .0, .3, .5, or .7. Take nothing I say too seriously.
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