Joey Tre' - Cut From The Same Cloth Album Review (Overview + Rating)

Joey Tre' - Cut From The Same Cloth Album Review (Overview + Rating)

There are moments here where Joey shows potential, especially with the singing & a couple of concept tracks, but the genericism & fillerish moments dampen the experience. 2.5/5 Click the following link to subscribe to my channel for more podcast episodes, hip-hop news & reviews! - - And don't forget to like, comment AND follow me on Twitter & IG @lukejamesbgn (or at least do one of those things)!

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FAVORITE TRACKS: Joey Tre' vs. T-Trace, Sunset Vibes, Criminology, Unread Letters

LEAST FAVORITE TRACKS: No Time, FantASStic, 100, Nobody's Fool, Real Recognize Real

STRENGTHS: There are some really good moments with the production & singing vocals (from Joey AND his guests). Joey also showcases some solid songwriting skills & concepts on a couple of tracks!

WEAKNESSES: There are some generic & fillerish moments throughout and Joey's rapping isn't overly exceptional or distinct.

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Intro music by DHARMARAT:
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