21 Savage and Drake Beat Tutorial in FL Studio

Drake has dominated the hip hop culture with his
unique styles. Pushing the genre of hip hop forward,
Drake introduced new vibes and techniques we now love
in music production. I'll show you how to time stretch
your audio in FL Studio 12 as well as add modern

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You do, NOT wanna know
How I got famous
Or how I came up
They tryna blame us
for all of their anger
16 writing 16s, now a 6-Beam
in the hanger
Hatas tried to knock me, I said
not me, and got dangerous

Bossed up, got paper
Flow wet now, flood the city wit it
Cuz  I Never Let down
in a jet now, gettin jiggy wit it

Business or Coach
Look what I chose
Oh, now I'm both
they do the most

Running for president
I need ya vote
Running out of patience
I feel like my feelings are broke

missing my top
calling me crazy
You already know
6 Baby
Digital Music
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