Inna Vision - Spazz (Official Music Video / New Song 2020)

Inna Vision’s new single “Spazz” pushes the boundaries bringing a younger, harder energy to reggae music. Inna Vision has always been an innovator experimenting with their sound and is taking further steps toward mixing dub, rap and reggae. This hard hitting, head knocking track produced by Rick Haze has a flow of grungy hip hop that transitions into a trap/reggae climax. It was only fitting for the lyrics and message to match with a militant side of Inna Vision. The lyrics answers back on criticism during the bands transformation and growth. The message behind the story is: the only one in control of your journey is yourself. (Enable the closed caption for lyrics)

Produced by: Rick Haze & E.N Young
Mixed & Mastered by: E.N Young
Released: 4.10.16 by Roots Musician Records
Music Video by: Lucas Lorenzo
Cover Art: Calvin Canha
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