"Am I Cool Enough?" - Lewin Barringer #MusicMonday

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I’ve been out here hunting
Searching high and low
Try to find the one who get’s my blood to flow

Grabbing drinks and dinner at my favorite place
Learn the brand new person staring at my face

Jumping through the same hoops that I have before
Working through my stories that are not a bore

Learning bout the things that makes a person tick
Flying through the air let’s hope the landing sticks

Am I cool enough
Am I good enough
Do I make you feel the heat

Am I tall enough
Am I tough enough
Is this something we repeat

Am I nice enough
Am I rich enough
Can I see your little smile

Am I doin it
Am I winning it
Should I go the extra mile

That girl who moved to Denver she prepared me well
Helped me find my backbone pulled me out of hell

Now I’m flying solo nose into the wind
Making better choices as I settle in

Working on a program for a better chance
Jump starting my heart into a new romance

Pondering the things I really lack in life
I wonder what she’s thinking back behind those eyes


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