On Tour With Aaron Gillespie of Underoath (IN RHYTHM)

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You’ve heard their music. You’ve seen their videos. You might have seen them in concert, and you might have watched their drum cam footage.

But how often do you get to see what it’s like behind the scenes with your favorite band or drummer?

In this mini-doc on Aaron Gillespie, drummer and clean vocalist of the band Underoath (and former live drummer for Paramore), you’ll see a ‘day in the life’ on tour and hear about his influences, his first endorsement deals, his first tour and seeing snow for the first time.

A humble guy who becomes a total character on stage, Aaron walks you through his daily routine and opens a window into his life as a touring drummer.

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Witness a day in the life of a professional touring drummer on the road! “In Rhythm” gives you an inside look into professional drummers, what they do on the road outside of performing, and how they warm-up and prepare for the big stage. Click the link above to see the list of other episodes – including Brian Frasier-Moore, Matt Greiner, and Mike Sleath – available in Drumeo Edge.

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