Childish Japes Performance & Interview (Drumeo)

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Childish Japes will be performing songs from their debut album "After You're Born" followed by an interview. Watching musicians perform tasty music and getting to know the people behind the band are great ways to get yourself inspired and wanting to spend more time behind the drums - and that's exactly what you'll get from this video.

JP Bouvet (drums), Asher Kurtz (guitar), and Jed Lingat (bass) will cover topics such as improvisation, the writing process, and general struggles they face as a band. This is the first time we've ever had a full band put on a show in our studio! And something we definitely want to continue doing.

Asher filmed also filmed content exclusively for our guitar lessons website Guitareo! Go check it out!

Video Index:
0:22 - Introduction
2:00 - SONG: "Gorbas"
7:15 - SONG: "Please Explain"
12:19 - Improv Jam
18:28 - SONG: "Seed 73"
23:15 - SONG: "After You're Born"
28:47 - How did the band originate?
30:04 - Where did the name come from?
33:35 - What does the writing process look like?
35:54 - How important is it to understand other instruments in the band?
38:27 - What are your biggest struggles as a band?
41:17 - How do you guys overcome stage fright?
45:18 - Asher: How long have you been composing melodies?
47:40 - Who are your influences?
52:35 - When you improvise as a band, how do you start?
56:05 - Improv Jam 2
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