STUDIO ONE Travis Scott Ambient Beat Tutorial

Studio One has some awesome stock sounds. Travis Scott is the new Kanye. His creativity is superb and his
style is always changing. From dance music to emotional ballads
twisted around dark sounds and atmospheres. Travis Scott offers
new breath to hip hop. In this video, I will show you how to use
Studio One 3 to create a Travis Scott Beat. Yes, it takes a bit,
but once we lock in the techniques, it comes out great. Full tutorial
video is reserved for premium members. We show the full vocal mixing and
mixing process for premium members. Click Here to Download the Project Files for FREE


I've been blind, All my life
Can't you see, All the lies
Doing it right, Tryna get by
Float in the sky, All the lights
Ten percent, One going in
Ten Pulled in, One on Rent
Four on Benz, Now I'm spent
Now I'm Bent, Blowin that kush and I'm pushing
the Benz, Ride so long
Ride so long, and it just can't end,
Can't go on, Our money strong but we can't go,
In,and go long,
Some walked in, but the team go in,
Plus I'm gone, blowin that strong, blowin that Strong,
Can't get lit wit the team so, I've been here for the night team,
I've been here for the night scene,
I go in for the team though,
Red so dark, but it cream though,
Aint no way I'ma leave no, All black benz but it brand new,
Oh yeah, life-like Remote,
We glow, we glow,
Up like, Eagles, we float, we float,
I go in, then I try,
Then, all I do is go, All in, then I Die, then I Dive,
4G on the side, sorry this the wrong number, but can I
Get that WIFI, what's that password, what's that line
Blowin on kush like I, but the team goin in,
when I see you in the sky, wit no kryptonite
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