"The Comeback" NEW MIX - Lewin Barringer

There was a fundamental issue with that last mix I released that I could NOT live with. So here you go!! I spent all afternoon and I think I got it.

That little girl, standing right over there
She caught my eye, acts like she don’t care
I play the game I jump through her hoops
Cut off my head inside her chicken coop

She nows the way to make me go wild
She’s gotta figure but she act like a child
Already know that’s she’s no good for me
But in this moment she’s exactly my speed

She takes my hand and right out the door
She let’s me know that she expecting more
The little smile on face gives away
All of the words that I can’t find to say

I’m coming back and I’m full on attack

I lay her down, I cover her eyes
I want my tongue to be the surprise
I hear her moan I’m feeling her move
I found the spot inside of her groove

She’s heating up, as I’m going down
Claiming my throne as I put on my crown
The pressure builds, she comes to a boil
She begging now for my baby oil

I’m coming back and I’m full on attack

I got my pitch fork buried in hay
From the farmers daughter that I’m bailing today
Her eyes roll back, she’s get’s to the point
We wrap it up and I go roll a joint

I’m coming back and I’m full on attack

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