"I Could Be With You" - Lewin Barringer

#MusicMonday #HomeStudio #Garageband
VOCAL MIC: CAD Trion 8000 https://goo.gl/ePzLL7
I tried to walk, I tried to fly
I’ve tried to be a better buy
I’ve walked that mile in peoples shoes
I’ve skinned my knee and healed my bruise

And as the days go rolling on
I find myself still feeling strong
As for the work, the life, the dream
I changed it all so I could be with you

So I could Be with you..

That sunny smile, that sexy walk
The many ways that we can talk
The moment that I hear your voice
And know that I don’t have a choice

I’ve given in, I can’t resist
Those little things you never miss
That walk at night we took in Rome
The other night just here at home here with you

So I could Be with you..

You’ve made a mark, you’ve set a stone
You ventured out all on your own
You took that risk, you’ve paid your dues
You made that choice they’d never choose

And life will never be the same
We’re walking down that road again
Through thick and thin
We’ll fight the war
And nothing hurts cause as I can be with you
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