Moron Police - A Boat On The Sea - Album Review

For my 1193rd review, Moron Police sharpen their comedic talents and refocus on anthemic hooks with a brilliantly incisive and ridiculously tight project of progressive rock, a surprise that might just be among the best of 2019!

Best Songs: 'The Phantom Below', 'The Invisible King', 'Beware The Blue Skies', 'The Dog Song', 'Isn't It Easy'
Worst Song: 'The Undersea'


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iTunes bio: "A Boat on the Sea" is the third album by the ever incomprehensible Moron Police from Norway.

This time they've eschewed their metal origins and focused on a progressive rock/pop sound, while still retaining their eclectic style of genre-bending music.

The album is filled to the brim with catchy melodies and leitmotifs that will have you humming along until your ears start to a good way.

Moron Police - A Boat On The Sea - Progressive Rock - Album Review

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