It's Going To Get Better - Mixed with ONLY GARAGEBAND PLUGINS

Words & Music By Lewin Barringer
Somewhere up there
Amongst those stars
My dreams start running wild

I feel like I
Have found a way
To crack a brand new smile

And now I know
That my blood still flows
I can feel it in my heart

And here I’m walkin’
At 2:00 am
The journey the starts


This modern world
This modern love
I’m finally on my own

The ways have changed
And seemed so strange
It was a bumpy road

But now I’m standing
With both arms open
I’m ready for a change

There’s someone out here
Who wants me too
She’s finally within range

The one who used to make me lonely
She finally fades away
I used to think she was the only
But now I know today
It’s gonna get better
It’s gonna get better baby

The clouds are breaking
The sun shines through
I can feel it on my skin

A little patience
A lot of trust
And the journey will begin

It’s not my first time
Won’t be my last
That I walk that lonely road

But I’ll keep working
I’ll never give up
Or my story won’t be told

And to the one who made me lonely
I hope your day shines too
I used to think you were the only
I know you know it’s not true
It’s gonna get better
It’s gonna get better baby
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