Maria Taylor - Waiting In Line - CARDINAL SESSIONS FROM HOME

For years we have tried to bring music to the world, filmed sessions almost every week. Now, for the first time, we are not able to go outside and meet musicians. They are at home. We are at home. They don’t want to stop making music. We don’t want to stop showing them making music. In times like these, music can once again be a huge factor, for everybody who’s in need of some comfort. If you’re alone, if you’re scared, if you’re upset, don’t hesitate to call for help. This is the smallest thing we can contribute, but hopefully you will enjoy it. Musicians are having a hard time right now - buy their records once in a while, if you can. It helps.
From now on, we want to upload a new session every day, coming from some living room or garden all over the world.

This is Maria Taylor, from her home, playing piano and singing "Waiting In Line" from the new, self-titled record. We've been listening to Maria for years now and it's wonderful to have her as part of the "From Home" series.

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